For so many years I heard I were antisocial.
To be honest I do admit that I usually don’t like to go to a party. I don’t like to visit people who are not my friends.
My daddy used to get me grounded because it was rare for me to go out and have lunch with an uncle who came to visit us.
At that time I couldn’t explain the reason I was so boring. At least I was a boring child from their point of view.
Today I look back and understand why I was that weird kid. The reason is…

I only do what I love to do. And it is not trivial, it is not easy.
Many times, after days, weeks, months, even years… most people quit doing what they must do. “Why is this so hard for me?” – people think.

When I was at 5th grade I asked my daddy: How much money you’re going to pay me for each A (100) I get at school?
Getting an A is not just nail a test, it englobes class participation, homework and assiduity. My daddy thought it was impossible so he says he would pay US$ 100 per grade A.
I got six As of eight disciplines, then he said:”- Ok boy, don’t push yourself that much otherwise I’m going to be poor”

When I was ten I wanted to become a Karate black belt. I used to watch Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee movies. When you’re watching movies it seems to be easy to punch and kick like them…
Well, it took me thirty years to become a 1st degree black belt.
Now I’m trying to transfer that skill to other areas of my life. It is not easy to be committed to something, to stay focused.

I started harvesting the fruits of those seeds. I’m not better than anyone and I won’t let my ego think like that. I’m just learning the beauty of being disciplined.

Ibirapuera park. Carlos Camacho and Reginaldo Koga – 1997.